10 Important Events 2014 Health Research and Development

I make a kaleidoscope of 10 important research and development activities of health, which was also depicts 10 important health problems of our country. There is no development without good planning. There is no good planning without valid data. There is no valid research without the data

1. Implementation JKN Healthy Indonesia 2014 and Cards.

JKN and KIS is one of the main activities of health services in Indonesia in 2014, and up to 5 years. Research activities carried out in this area include:
– Implementation of Health Services in the framework of the National Social Security System
– Use of chronic disease drugs and generic drugs in the era of independence JKN
– The Role of Non-Formal Employer Coverage Increase Participation in National Health Insurance
– Analysis of Health Care Financing of First Instance as a Gatekeeper in order Determination of the Capitation Implementation of the National Health Insurance
– Analysis of Synchronization and Harmonization Legislation Central Government to local governments on JKN
– Satisfaction Provider and Participant of the Social Security Organizing Body
– Financing Health (Study of Health Financing in Regional Health Problems)
– Review the Implementation of Presidential Decree No. 12/2013 related Kes Security ttg dg blood transfusion
– Review the Implementation of the Law of private hospitals in the Era JKN
– Implementation of the Clinical JKN (PPK I Non PHC)

2. SDT

Total Diet Study (SDT 2014) a national nutrition research was first conducted by the Agency for Health Research and Development (Balitbangkes). The number of samples selected in all 33 provinces, 497 districts / cities, the census of 2072 block targeted BSyang 2080 (99.62{67812e79bc6ec380aba46edf6550bc315bf92c0c2c6c8efab4e9b4ce45e4c70b}). Selected households sebanyak51.127 RT RT managed to visit as many as 46 238 (90.44{67812e79bc6ec380aba46edf6550bc315bf92c0c2c6c8efab4e9b4ce45e4c70b}) of which ditargetkan.Target household members (ART) as many as 191 524 ART and successfully interviewed as many as 162 044 (84.61{67812e79bc6ec380aba46edf6550bc315bf92c0c2c6c8efab4e9b4ce45e4c70b}) of the target. The data can be used for analysis as much as 145 360 people (89.71{67812e79bc6ec380aba46edf6550bc315bf92c0c2c6c8efab4e9b4ce45e4c70b}).
We know that the nutritional problems of our nation is now in the form of:
– Malnutrition / malnutrition
– Stunting
– Already much too overweight / obesity

3. Mers CoV and Ebola

Both of these diseases is a major issue the world in 2014, due to concerns of transmission between countries, mortality and pandemic. Until December 2014 there are still new cases Mers CoV in the Arabian peninsula and Ebola in Africa.
Indonesian world and prepare for it.

In Indonesia, the certainty of the results of laboratory tests performed through the Health Research and Development Agency (Balitbangkes). In the countries of Southeast Asia Region of WHO there are three countries that could ensure Mers CoV, namely Laboratory Balitbangkes Indonesia, Thailand and India. Until December 31, 2014 our laboratory has been checked out 151 people suspected Mers CoV from various regions in Indonesia and all results were negative. Meanwhile, until 31 December 2014 Balitbangkes laboratory has been checked out 5 people with suspected Ebola and all results were negative

4. Symposium on research and development of the Asia-Pacific regional Health-2 We organize this event on 18-22. In November 2014, followed by 543 participants, 71 speakers from various countries as well as 87 pieces of poster presentations.

Health of glasses in general, the relations between Indonesia and other countries is very important, in three ways:
1. The disease can be transmitted between countries, borderless
2. Some experts / Indonesian officials have so far had an important role in WHO
3. Regional cooperation in public health is very good

5. Cohort Study of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) and child development (TKA). Balitbangkes doing research cohort, followed thousands of people for up to 20 years, to see existing perubahan2 in TKA and PTM. Form study followed a group of people to tens of years is an ideal research study format.

Of spectacles public health in general, then:
1. PTM is a major disease now, and also in the future in the era of Sustainable Development Goals
2. TKA continue to be an important concern, because children are the future generation

6. Workshop

On 25 November 2014 we organized the Workshop “Partnership Building Independence Towards a Healthy and Prosperous Indonesia Commemorating the 50th National Health”. This workshop keynote address Jakarta administration, chairman of PP Aisiyah), Executive Director Wallet Dhuafa), business communities and Dean of the Social UI. The recommendations generated, particularly how healthcare as perceived Non Health figures.

In general, there is a second important concept related to the public health of this event:
a. Definition of “Social Determinant of Health”
b. Health problems can not be solved only by the health alone, need the participation of many sectors.

7. Research and Development of Herbal and Medicinal Plants

From the point of research and development tasks have been performed:
a. Research Saintifikasi Jamu,
b. Medicinal Plant Research
c. Analysis of the results of Medicinal Plants and Herbal Medicine Research (Ristoja), etc.

In general, the herbal medicine has three aspects:
a. Health Aspects
b. Aspects of national culture, in line with the precepts of three Trisakti that is personality in Cultured
c. Economic aspects, such as Keluaga Medicinal Plants, Herbs etc. Tourism

8. Test Chemistry Food Contamination Analysis study (ACKM) and Special Research Vector and Reservoir Disease (Rikhus Vektora) From the point of the research science Trials like these are necessary for the successful implementation of future studies, so the results can be valid. From the point of public health, there are two things related to this activity:

a. Chemical contamination in the food we had so many public issues, including contamination snacks school children, and need handling together
b. Zoonotic disease (transmitted animals and vectors) should be an important concern, because it is understood that the pandemic’s likely future is a zoonotic disease.

9. Rikhus Culture

In 2014 Balitbangkes’ve done 20 ethnographic research. The study was conducted on Ethnic Muyu al – District Digoel, Ethnic Baduyi In – Lebak, Ethnic Buru – Buru, Kaili Ethnic Da’a – North KabupatenMamuju, Ethnic Rote – Rote Ndao, etc.

Of spectacles general public health aspects of the local culture then obviously a very important role. Budara belief someone will greatly affect his understanding of the concept of healthy behaviors – sickness, etc.

10. Parade of Health Research