7 Nutrition Important for Growth Small One

Get used to eating healthy foods from childhood influence the long-term health. Of course as a parent you do not want to give food to the origin of the Small. Here are seven important nutrient content and the best food sources for growth as reported Healthmeup, Tuesday (14/04/2015).

1. Protein
Protein is needed to build a child’s body cells, converting food into energy, prevent child infection. What is the usual protein-rich foods you give? Lean meat, milk, fish, eggs, beans and soy examples of good protein sources for the Small.

2. Carbohydrates
Provide adequate carbohydrate intake in children because this nutrient is important as a source of energy child. Rice and white bread is one example of a simple carbohydrate. These types of carbohydrates contain high sugar levels, when ingested, will immediately become energy quickly and increase blood sugar levels.
Better give fiber-rich complex carbohydrates such as rice from brown rice, whole wheat bread, boiled potatoes, whole grain cereals, oatmeal porridge.

3. Fat
Fat is a good source of energy for the child but choose healthy fat sources yes. Such as meat, fish, nuts and vegetable oils.

4. Calcium
To get healthy bones and teeth, calcium intake must be fulfilled. Calcium is also needed nerve, muscle and heart. Sources of calcium can be obtained from milk, yohgurt, cheese, ice cream, dark green vegetables.

5. Iron
Iron is needed by the body to produce hemoglobin and myoglobin. Foods rich in iron include red meat, liver, poultry, spinach, oats, and beans.

6. Fiber
Although located in the end, do not forget ya to provide fiber-rich foods in the baby. Fiber makes the intestines work better and reduce heart disease and cancer in the future. Foods rich in fiber include fruits and vegetables, corn, lentils, and beans.

7. Folate
Not only pregnant women in need, children also need to foster healthy child cell function. Foods rich in folate can be obtained from lentils, nuts, dark green vegetables such as broccoli and spinach.