Children Age Risk Now Addiction With Salts

A surveri agency cautioned, the current generation of children is in the risk of developing an addiction of salt. This is due to the levels of salt in the restaurant menu is too tinggi.Consensus Action on Salt and Health found 28{67812e79bc6ec380aba46edf6550bc315bf92c0c2c6c8efab4e9b4ce45e4c70b} of children’s food menu contains salt 2 grams or more one portion. Whereas, for one day, children under five recommended eating salt no more than two grams.

These institutions are estimated to be born “salt addicts generation”. This prediction comes after the appearance of the results of a survey of 218 children’s menu of 23 restaurants. From Burger King, a children’s menu Kid’s Veggie Bean Burger with fries small portion, contained 4.6 grams of salt per portion. This amounts to about 155{67812e79bc6ec380aba46edf6550bc315bf92c0c2c6c8efab4e9b4ce45e4c70b} of the maximum amount of salt intake for children ages 4 to 6 years.

Reports from Soil Association estimates that 40{67812e79bc6ec380aba46edf6550bc315bf92c0c2c6c8efab4e9b4ce45e4c70b} of parents dining out with their children at least once a week. Moreover, a survey from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey in 2003 reported children ages 4 to 18 years old consume more salt than they should. While, only five of 23 restaurants survey participants who took action over excessive salt use.