Muscle Building Tips for Beginners about Gaining Lean Muscles

When people see the well toned bodies of celebrities or bodybuilders, they think that this is nearly impossible for them to have this kind of physique. Actually, this is not the right thing to think negative at the very beginning. The fact is although, it is really difficult to achieve a well toned body especially, when you are not living a healthy lifestyle, but it is attainable. You get a muscular and athletic body by making a balance between your exercise routine and a well designed diet. Here are a few tips to remember when you are striving hard to gain lean muscle mass and get rid of body fat.

Eat the Right Food

When you are seriously considering achieving a well toned body and losing the stubborn fat from your body. In this condition what you eat becomes as important as your exercise routine. You may be spending several hours in the gym every week and despite working hard you see little progress. This is just because you are not following the right eating plan. When you are working out to build muscles, it is imperative on your part to follow a diet plan that it is especially designed for you. This diet plan provides you the right amount of protein required for your body weight. There is a good rule which you can follow and that is to consume 1 g of protein for every pound of body weight. In case you have 170 pound of body weight, then you are supposed to consume 170 g of protein.

Protein is known as the building block of muscles and within a short duration you will see the size of your muscles is growing, you can consume the right amount of protein every day. There are many health supplements and their active life is 36-84 hours.

The rest of your diet must contain other necessary elements. You are supposed to take care of your calorie intake, but this does not mean that you should consume calories to make a calorie deficit. Eat the right amount of calories required for your body with quality carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Workout Routine

After eating right, you must follow a proper workout routine to gain muscle. Exercise five days a week and allow your body to take proper rest. You can start by doing cardiovascular exercises as they are good to keep your heart and blood vessel healthy and it will also increase your stamina level. The point to remember is not to do the cardio exercises because it will take your body into a catabolic state.

Weight training is essential to increase the muscle definition and many advanced bodybuilders follow an exercises regime in which they train one body part in a week. But if you are a beginner so train your upper body one day and next day work out your lower body.

Rest Properly

This is a task that which most of the bodybuilding guide don’t take seriously. This is a mistake not to give proper rest to your muscles after a workout because your muscles need time to repair it. Repairing means, your muscles are getting bigger and stronger that is why it is essential to take a quality sleep of not less than seven hours every day. You can also consume health supplements whose active life is 36-84 hours after discussing with your physician.