Secrets of Longevity and Healthy

Avoiding fatty foods such as meat, cheese, and cream, for three decades are believed to reduce the risk of heart disease. But now scientists have found a lot of fat could be the key to a long and healthy life. “There is no direct relationship between fat intake and death from heart disease,” they said as reported by Express, Wednesday (11/02/2015).

“If I were responsible for the health policy community, I would say eat real food,” said researcher Zoe Harcombe leader in the British Medical Journal. Heart specialist also said that eating foods with natural fats such as nuts and fish could actually protect against heart disease. They say families should avoid low-fat foods are often packed with sugar and partially responsible for the skyrocketing obesity. However, a consultant cardiologist Dr Aseem Malhotra said, this latest food guidelines do not help the problem of obesity.

“I tell my patients themselves to eat whole foods and eat more fat than olive oil, nuts, and fish, which there is evidence of reducing heart attacks and strokes. “My advice hindrai everything that is low in fat, which is loaded with sugar and food Olaha,” said Dr Malhotra. BMJ study conducted by researchers from the University of the West of Scotland and cardiovascular American scientist Dr. James DiNicolantonio. They were tested between 1965 and 1978 by examining the effects of Asuman fats on cardiovascular health,

“Randomised controlled trials found no association between dietary fat intake and death from coronary heart disease,” said researcher Zoe Harcombe. Fat intake guidelines were introduced in the 1980s. They were advised to limit overall fat consumption to 30 percent of energy intake, and saturated fat to 10 percent. British obesity rate in 1972 was 2.7 percent but now it has rocketed to 25 percent of adults.